What is the cross-section and age of the participants in the various Tantra activities?

What is the cross-section and age of the participants in the various Tantra activities?

"As a veteran participant in various Tantra activities across the country, I came across an interesting question, and I would be happy to share and learn from your opinion.

As we know, most group Tantra activities do not predefine the age of the participants. Thus, I have had the opportunity to participate in conferences, short meetings and workshops lasting several days which were held with multi-age groups, consisting of 18 - 70 year olds.

What is your opinion regarding this range of ages? How does it affect the quality and depth of the activity? How do the younger people among them feel in such an intimate situation with those who are decades older than them, and how do the adults among them feel about the younger participants? Is it preferable, in your opinion, to initiate activities with a limited age range? If so, what is the preferred range?"


In the workshops we hold,
We create a group with the appropriate specifications
in order to create a certain age compatibility,
as well as an equal number of men and women.
This is in order to make it easier for the participants.
However, it is certainly recommended to practice with people of different ages,
and even people from different backgrounds.
The more spiritual the exercise,
the more we shed our external appearance and that of our partner
and focus on our inner feelings; we see beyond
the outer shell.

The natural tendency of beginning practitioners
is to search for a partner who attracts them,
or who is suitable for them in terms of age.
It is possible that this is a natural tendency, to allow "continuity" of the encounter, and the beginning of attachment.

But sometimes we discover that precisely in a situation of "resistance",
especially when all our alarm bells are going off -
just when we want to get up and run away -
if we choose to stay and cope,
something new and amazing about ourselves and our basic patterns is revealed.

When people open up to their tantric essence they discover something much deeper than appearance, beauty, or possible compatibility.
Therefore, one of the important principles in the Tantric encounter is to be attentive to the inner essence and look into the eyes, into the soul.

Tantra deals with life itself, and in life... we meet all kinds of mirrors. Some are attractive; some aren’t.

In the end, we have to learn to look at them all comfortably, peacefully, without judging, and consciously. Because each and every one of them reflects different aspects of our own selves.