What is a tantric experience?

"I would be happy if someone would tell me about some sort of tantric experience?
Workshops, tantric therapy and even personal exercises.
I also want to experience it, but I'm scared, or maybe apprehensive.
Where does it take you? Where does it lead / how does it help in your personal life?
What exactly is Tantra supposed to do?
Articles aside, I'd be happy if you would share and if I could maybe hear about different kinds of experiences."

I'd love if you could share.


Dear Lillian,

It's hard to talk about a tantric experience without reducing the intensity of the experience. All words fail, in the description of a single moment. One unique moment.

Fear of the unfamiliar is understandable and even natural. But we should not determine our path out of fear.

Tantra will take you on a journey within yourself. And from there, to the mysteries of the delicate connection between a man and a woman, the unification of opposites, and the opening of the heart to love...

Working with Tantra will influence all aspects of life: work, your relationships with your environment, your intimate relationships and your sexuality.

Tantra reaches the truth, but has no goals.

So, my advice to you is to try.
Approach the experience open, with no expectations.
Let your heart lead you,
on your own unique path.

Good luck,
and with love,