How are the workshops for individuals conducted?

I am a woman, 40 years old, divorced.

I've never been to a Tantra workshop, but I'm very curious about the topic. My question is: What happens in a workshop for individuals? What do you do there? I can understand that it has to be different from a workshop attended by couples... I'd be happy for an answer that will give me a picture of how workshops for individuals are conducted.

Thanks, Northerner

Answer: Hello Northerner,

There are many Tantra workshops The nature of the workshop and its contents are determined by the facilitators, and reflect their unique perspective.

The Tantra workshops for individuals that I hold are designed for men and women who want to open up to the wonderful world of Tantra, as well as those who are already familiar with this path and wish to deepen their experience.

This workshop is attended by an equal number of men and women, and over several days, they learn to open up to love.

By practicing Tantric techniques which include meditations, movement, touch, and sharing, we reconnect with and appreciate the life energy that throbs within us.

Part of the exercises are done individually, each person with themselves; in this way we are reminded of our internal communication and learn to listen to our own personal truth.

Another part deals with communication with our environment The meeting between the sexes, in which the man and the woman become familiar with themselves by working together, with each other.

The purpose of the meetings is to enable mutual reflection and practice, and to teach ourselves about the patterns that have been rooted in us since childhood regarding everything related to the meeting between the sexes and relationships.

Among other things, we deal with the empowerment of masculinity and femininity, and learn to experience the world through sensuality.

In each session of the workshop, we focus on a particular topic and learn to explore ourselves through the exercise.

It is important to note that there are parts of the workshop that deal with sexuality as an inseparable part of the universal life energy. But all of the sessions, without exception, allow for a safe space - this, through clear rules designed to preserve and allow the freedom of choice. and attunement to self of each participant in the process.

The difference between the workshops for individuals and the couples workshops lies in the fact that all of the participants in the couples workshops are in an existing relationship.

In the intimate sessions, the partners of each couple work with one another and accordingly, it is possible to achieve greater intimacy.

In addition, during part of the workshop, couples work on communication in relationships and learn to become familiar with another layer of their relationship as well as new ways of constructive communication and conflict resolution.

I hope I succeeded in shedding some light on the subject.
If you still have questions
you are welcome to contact us for more details.

With love,

Tantra Lev