Does doing Tantra also involve switching partners?

"Please let me know, in general, what goes on in the Tantra workshops (to be honest, it makes me a bit nervous, but I really want to go).

I want to come with my wife, but what is it about - I heard about it by chance - is it in the nude, do we switch partners during the Tantra?"




Hi Yossi

The Tantra workshops on the market have no uniform format, and the content given during them are determined by the facilitators.

It is important to note that couples exchange is not a tantric "exercise," but a concept associated with sexual habits and experimenting by couples. Tantra for couples can be an excellent way to intensify and deepen the relationship, desire and love - without having to "leave" the relationship. On the other hand, there are, of course, couples workshops whose goal is just such an exchange, as part of the process.

The workshops for couples in the framework of "Tantra Lev" do not include couples exchanges. On the contrary, the intimate work is performed by the couple, and its purpose is to sanctify the relationship.

If this is your first experience in Tantra, it is recommended that you verify the nature of the activity with the various facilitators. And perhaps more importantly, it is recommended that you, the couple, discuss the topic and reach a joint decision.

Good luck,